South Milwaukee educators Hallie Schmeling and Joanna Rizzotto are Channel 12 Top Teachers

Two great active WEAC Region 7 members in South Milwaukee – Hallie Schmeling and Joanna Rizzotto – were honored with Channel 12 News’ Top Teacher award. Both teach at the REAL Academy, South Milwaukee’s educator-designed, in-house alternative education high school. The Channel 12 News story is full of insights and inspiration applicable to every educational setting.

At the REAL Academy, Joanna says, “the focus is on the whole child and relationships.” She says her approach to teaching is “to be open, to respond and not react, to guide.”

“The unique thing,” Hallie says, “is that we really come from the space that instead of me being the teacher that is putting information into kids, we’re more about they have it in them, they have their passions, they have strengths, they have things that just need to be drawn out of them.”

Thanks to WEAC Region 7 for sharing this story in its newsletter:

Watch the Channel 12 video:

September’s Top Teachers: Hallie Schmeling, Joanna Rizzotto; Real Academy

The Real Academy is South Milwaukee High School’s in-house alternative education high school. Not every student learns the same way. Our top teachers, Hallie Schmeling and Joanna Rizzotto, connect with their students on a personal level.