Important Information for Members who are Retiring, Resigning, or Changing Districts

Members who are retiring – please email Tiffany at the Region 2 office ( to update your membership record and request to discontinue your active membership status at the end of the 2019-20 membership year.  For most retiring members, the final dues payment will take place in August 2020.  Since most dues are divided across a payment plan, members do not finish paying dues until August even though they may stop working in June.  Retired members are still eligible for assistance from the Region 2 office during the summer months should there be problems.  However, any member canceling prior to the final payment loses all assistance from their Local, Region 2, WEAC and NEA as well as NEA Life Insurance, Saver’s Cards, and any other benefits as of the cancellation date.

Members who are leaving their district for another – when the Region 2 or WEAC offices are notified by the local association/school district that a member has resigned, the membership is automatically discontinued as of September 1 because the person no longer meets the eligibility requirements. Please do not assume that a resignation has been reported. It is a member’s responsibility to report a change of employment.

Members moving to another school district who wish to continue being an active member should email or call Tiffany (800-472-0010 ext. 4) in the Region 2 office to receive an enrollment form for their new local.