New Educator Cards

We are interested in collecting New Educator Cards from all recently hired teachers and support staff.  Those cards provide helpful contact information as well as highlight areas of interest for those new to your district.   That information helps direct the programming for Region 2.  If people are interested in classroom management techniques…we can sponsor a training opportunity for that.  Are people interested in social justice issues?  If so, we can direct information to them on that topic or invite them to happenings of interest.

Check with your leadership to see if new educator cards have been circulated to new employees.  If not—circulate them NOW!  That gives you the opportunity to talk with new colleagues.  Ask them to complete the sheet while you wait!  It will only take a few minutes.  Do NOT stuff mailboxes and hope for the best.   Engage these new folks in conversation about your union and why you’d like them to join.

Forward all completed new educator forms to the Region 2 office.  Bring them to a Roundtable meeting or ask your director to please pick them up if they are in your area.

Need a copy of the form?  Click the links below.

2017 New Ed Card Teacher

2017 New Ed Card – ESP Form