Student WEA becomes Aspiring Educators of Wisconsin


WEAC President-Elect Ron Martin and Student WEA leaders at the WEAC Region 9 Representative Assembly.

Student WEA / WEAC Region 9 has a new name. At the recent Student Wisconsin Education Association Representative Assembly, student leaders in the organization voted on a business item to change the name of the organization to the Aspiring Educators of Wisconsin, “to emphasize and include all the amazing contributions public school employees make every day providing our students with exciting and thriving futures of opportunity.” The organization will also continue to be known as WEAC Region 9.

Emily Sibilski

Emily Sibilski

Emily Sibilski (a senior at UW-Eau Claire) will be the first President of the Aspiring Educators of Wisconsin and will help the organization transition with the name change.

Why educators? As one student leader put it, “Educators include everyone involved in education and highlight that we all have a responsibility in teaching our children.”

The change comes with a new direction and focus from the National Education Association Student Program, which is hoping to change its name to the Aspiring Educators in the near future as the up and coming generation of union leaders hopes to bring fresh ideas and new perspectives to tackle challenges in the profession and  in education.

The Aspiring Educators hopes to involve all students in education action to continue building up our great public schools, supporting all in the education profession, and most importantly, serving as advocates for our students.