Bill would allow guns in Wisconsin schools

GunsInSchool_200pxWEAC is opposing a measure being proposed in the State Legislature to allow concealed carry of weapons on school grounds, if the holders have a permit. School boards would be able to decide if the guns would be allowed into the school buildings.

“This proposal shows just how out of touch some lawmakers are when it comes to the safety of students in their neighborhood schools,” WEAC said. “Allowing concealed carry on school grounds at any level makes our schools less safe. Lawmakers should instead be focused on greater access to mental health services, upgrading school facilities, and more training for personnel and students.”

In the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said the proposal would make the state more dangerous.

“This is insane,” Barrett said. “Isn’t there anybody in the majority party that wants to get serious about gun violence?”

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GOP bill would allow guns on school grounds, classroom buildings

Madison – Those with concealed weapons permits could carry guns on school grounds – and in some cases in school buildings – under a bill a Republican leader hopes to get through the Legislature in the next two months.