Mequon-Thiensville superintendent appointed as Milwaukee school takeover commissioner

From the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association

StopMPSTakeover_120pxMilwaukee County Executive Chris Abele has appointed Dr. Demond Means, superintendent of Mequon-Thiensville, as school takeover commissioner. Means will continue to serve as Mequon-Thiensville superintendent while also serving part time as commissioner; it is not clear how long Means will serve or how he will be paid.

State legislation requires takeovers – no matter what they say

Abele and Means have both said they will not make decisions that would hurt public schools. But the fact is that the takeover legislation is bad for public education and bad for Milwaukee’s children. Abele and Means cannot change the fact that the takeover legislation, by definition, requires the dismantling of the very public schools that our students depend on.

The takeover will remove local control from the voters of Milwaukee and our elected school board. It is designed to take public schools away from the students who depend on them, turning them into privately run schools that are not required to provide essential services that our children rely on, such as special education and bilingual education.

Parents, educators and community members will keep the pressure on

Abele and Means are under intense public pressure because parents, educators and our community have mounted massive opposition to the takeover. When thousands of parents and educators ”walked in” at  over 100 public schools, we forced elected officials to react.

Our community will follow the actions of Chris Abele and Demond Means closely. Parents and educators in our community will continue to show elected officials locally and statewide that we oppose the takeover because we love our public schools and want them to be vibrant places where all children – not just some – have opportunities to learn and grow.