Guns and campus buildings are a volatile mix that should be rejected

Tragically, our nation’s college campuses have recently experienced a handful of shootings.  These senseless acts of violence are devastating.  Some Wisconsin policymakers are championing the introduction of guns in campus buildings as the “answer” (SB 363/AB 480). Students, college governance, and law enforcement officials have been outspoken in their opposition to these measures. They are fearful that allowing individuals to carry guns in campus buildings does nothing to promote campus safety. In fact, these measures could very likely serve as the impetus for deadly encounters that jeopardize the safety of all on campuses.

Contact your legislators today and urge them to oppose SB 363/AB 480.  Tell them to heed the voices of those who would be directly impacted who have urged them to go back to the drawing board. Campus safety depends on it.

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Bill would OK concealed guns in Wisconsin college buildings

While a pair of Republican state lawmakers want to allow students and faculty to carry concealed guns inside public university and college buildings, at least one campus and its police department are warning the measure could have dangerous day-to-day implications.

UPDATE: UW Police against proposal to allow concealed guns in campus buildings

MADISON (WKOW) — The UW-Madison Police Department released a statement Tuesday afternoon in opposition to a legislative proposal that would allow the concealed carry of guns in public university and college buildings. Here is UWPD’s statement: Recent school shootings have elevated discussions across the country about gun safety, protecting the rights of citizens, and protecting the safety of our schools.

Campus Carry: GOP lawmakers want to allow concealed weapons in public college buildings

People with concealed weapon licenses would be allowed to carry guns inside the buildings and classrooms of Wisconsin’s public universities and colleges under a bill introduced Monday by two state legislators.

Putting guns in schools will not improve school safety, Kippers says – WEAC

Putting guns in schools is not the way to improve school safety, WEAC President Betsy Kippers said Wednesday after both houses of the Legislature approved a bill that will allow off-duty and former law enforcement officers to carry concealed firearms onto school grounds.