Evers says it’s important that educators contribute to the dialogue about education issues

From the Department of Public Instruction

the red rectangle buttonState Superintendent Tony Evers emphasized the need to “support our local classrooms and renew the professions” of all who work in schools, in remarks to the 2015 Wisconsin State Education Convention on Wednesday (January 21, 2015).

“As I travel the state,” he said, “I hear lots of compelling stories” about educators’ impact on “the lives of our students.”

He urged those in education to elevate themselves by contributing their voices to a “robust public dialogue” about the future of education in Wisconsin:

“Backroom discussions lead me to believe that more divisive mandates, along with constrained revenue are on the way.”

Current important reforms around assessment, educator effectiveness, and accountability “will have no value” if they aren’t used to help kids, nor “if the people who do the actual work in our schools, in particular our teachers and principals, are in some way devalued in the process of implementing them.”

“We must do our part, share our viewpoints, and contribute to the important dialogue about the future of one of Wisconsin’s greatest resources — our public schools.”

Evers called for “hitting the pause button on new mandates and conflicting priorities coming out of Madison. Our collective message must be: Our plates are full, Madison.”

Another way of elevating schools is to identify and recruit talented candidates to the profession, one of the topics of a recent report from the School Administrators Alliance (SAA). Evers said he looked forward “to working with the SAA to find innovative ways” to do that.

Evers also gave a shout-out to the 19 teachers and school leaders who contributed their voices as “outstanding experts” on this year’s Promoting Excellence for All task force, adding:

“What is even more impressive … is that these types of educators are the rule and not the exception within Wisconsin’s public school community.

“Every single one of your staff members entered into the profession to change lives — and they do it every single day.”