Poll shows overwhelming support for public schools

AttentionAmericans strongly support public schools, and 82% of  voters able to rate their local teachers believe them to be excellent, very good, or good, according to a new survey. Moreover, solid majorities (61%) back more funding for public schools – including 79% of Democrats, 57% of Independents, and even 45% of Republicans, according to the poll released by Democrats For Public Education (DPE) and conducted by Harstad Strategic Research. Other highlights:

  • Roughly 2/3 of Americans agree with traditionally Democratic positions when it comes to education – especially when it comes to overwhelming support for neighborhood schools and teachers.
  • 56% of voters with an opinion believe pay for public school teachers falls short of what it should be.
  • 84% give their children’s schools an A (53%) or B (31%) grade. Ten percent offer a C, and 3% say D or F. While there is certainly room for improvement, the median grade would in effect be an A-minus.
  • When given four broad reasons for why public schools might not be performing better, virtually no one puts the blame on “bad teachers.”
    • 40% Lack of parental involvement and support
    • 29% Inadequate funding and resources for public schools
    • 18% The effects of poverty, hardship and problems kids bring to school
    • 3% Bad teachers (including 4% of Republicans and 3% of conservatives)
    • 9% Don’t know
  • Basically 2/3 of Americans agree with the following sentiments and core talking points, in remarkably non-partisan reactions:
    • Neighborhood schools should be our top priority because they educate a huge majority of our kids;
    • We need to get politicians and corporations out of the way, and let teachers do what they know best – teach our kids and prepare them for college and careers;
    • Teachers should be held accountable by principals, supervisors and parents – not by standardized bubble tests;
    • Taxpayer money should pay for children’s education – not for corporate profits, CEO bonuses, or advertising budgets;
    • Educators should be teaching critical thinking and problem-solving – not just teaching to the standardized bubble test;
    • Everyone has a favorite teacher who made a real difference in their lives – and we need to support and promote those kinds of classrooms.

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